NOAH Schools

NOAH network will organise three dedicated schools during the project. Distinguished scientific researchers in the field of molecular encapsulation will be invited to give talks about their current work. Training on soft-skills will be also present in all the schools.

  • NOAH School I : School of supramolecular chemistry and supramolecular crystallography (Spain)

The goal of this school will be to present current challenges and modern solutions in supramolecular chemistry and supramolecular crystallography. The school will provide basic knowledge on the synthesis and characterization of self-assembled structures, crystallization techniques and structure refinement.

It will be held in ICIQ, Tarragona from 13-17th May 2019.

  • NOAH School II : School of electrochemistry, photochemistry and photophysics (Italy)

This school will acquaint the ESRs on the basics and more innovative aspects of electrochemistry, photochemistry and photophysics. Concretely, time-resolved and steady-state absorption and emission spectroscopy, supramolecular photochemistry, photochemical reactivity, ñaser-based ultrafast techniques, confocal fluorescence microscopy and organic light emitting materials will be topic of interest of this school.

It will be held in ISOF CNR Research Area, Bologna from 20-24th Apr 2020. The 2nd NOAH School was held online in October 19-26th 2020 due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus in Europe.

  • NOAH School III : School of kinetic and thermodynamic characterization of supramolecular complexes (Germany)

The program of this school will include modern methods in gas-phase chemistry and solution methods for the thermodynamic characterization of supramolecular compounds.

The 3rd NOAH School in September 20-23rd 2021. The school will be held in a dual format: on-site event in Berlin for NOAH members and on-line for members outside the consortium.

More information and registration here!