Industry Days

Three industry days will be organized throughout NOAH project by the industrial partners. They will be run immediately after NOAH schools and will be held in the same location. Courses related to the industrial sector such as management and leadership skills, corporate bussiness principles or career planning and job applictaions will be delivered.

  • NOAH Industry day I (Spain)

The first industry day will include talks about entrepreneurship, disruptive thinking and transfer of knowledge from research to industry among others.

  • NOAH Industry day II (Virtual edition)

Industry day II will deal with the current and future needs in industry and the real-world problems that industry tackles. It will provide training related to industrial organization and governance, and project and contract management.

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  • NOAH Industry day III (Germany)

Finally, industry day III will include short courses on good practices in job interviews, and career development plans. In addition, coaching on curriculum vitae or application letter writing will be also topic of the industry day.