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Within the 1st NOAH school we are celebrating the Supramolecular Chemistry Day. The scientific program will include as lecturers  Prof. Jonathan Nitschke (University of Cambridge),  Prof. Michael Schmittel (Universität Siegen) and Dr. Alessandro Aliprandi (Université de Strasbourg). Prof. Jennifer M. Heemstra (Emory University), speaker invited by the ICIQ seminar programme sponsored by BASF will also deliver a talk within this day.

Moreover, our researchers will also present the latest results of the NOAH project. This will help on NOAH research dissemination to scientists outside the Consortium.


Schedule overview

9:30 h Prof. Jonathan Nitschke Complex systems of cages via subcomponent self-assembly     Abstract
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 h  

Prof. Jennifer M. Heemstra

Speaker invited by ICIQ seminar program

Interrogating enzymatic reactions using nucleic acid molecular recognition and assembly Abstract
12:00 h NOAH members flash presentations
13:00 h  

Lunch and Poster session


14:45 h NOAH members flash presentations
15:30 Coffee Break
15:45 h Prof. Michael Schmittel From self-sorting of dynamic metal-phenanthroline complexes to (supra)molecular machinery in action   



16:45 h Dr. Alessandro Aliprandi Luminiscent Pt(II) complexes and their assemblies   



We expect the participation of young researchers working on the field of functional nanocontainers from quite different perspectives presenting their research in the poster session. The young scientists participating in this day will be exposed to this field of research from a multidisciplinary and broad perspective. It represents a perfect venue to propagate excellent research and serves to educate and motivate the next generation of young researchers.

The following day the 1st NOAH Industry day will take place. The non-academic partners of the NOAH Consortium will deliver three different lectures. This will include R&D at a big company (Dr. S. Eiden, COVESTRO Deutschland), at a medium size company (Dr. A. Wiehe, Biolitec GmbH) and at a technological centre (Dr. C. Ayats, Leitat). The Industry day aims to help setting up links between the industrial and academic partnerships and motivate ESRs to establish future collaborations with the industry.

NOAH Industry day Speakers:


Schedule of Supramolecular chemistry day and NOAH Industry day

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