Kick-off Meeting



NOAH kick-off meeting was officially held in Warwick (UK) last April 23rd 2018. 15 Representants from the 7 academic beneficiaries, 2 industrial beneficiaries and 2 industrial partner organizations attended the meeting to officialy launch NOAH, an exciting EU funded MSCA-ITN project.

The main objective of the meeting was to discuss the management and implementation of the project will all the beneficiaries and partner organizations. The Recruitment procedure and the IP strategy was also discussed.

From left to right: D. Amantia (Leitat), M. Sánchez (MTB), C. Schalley (FUB), P. Ballester (ICIQ), M. Ward (Warwick), S. Eiden (Covestro), V. Heizt (UNISTRA), B. Ventura (ISOF-CNR), A. Wiehe (Biolitec), B. Therrien (UNINE), C. Nieva (MTB), G. Aragay (ICIQ), E. Alcázar (ICIQ), A. Szumna (ICHO PAS).


Other pictures taken during the meeting


Kick-off pictures