NOAH Newsletter Issue 1

Hey!! We are launching the firts issue of NOAH Newsletter!

A newsletter written by our ESRs to share a bit about their research and passion for science. The first issue has been edited by Amy and Cristina with the contribution of other ESRs. Check it now here!

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The second NOAH SCHOOL will take place in Bologna this April. Registration for NOAH members will be open soon!

ISOF-CNR will be the organizers of the school together with Warwick University. They are preparing part of the school as a joint event in collaboration with INFUSION project.

The programme of the school will include lectures about Electrochemistry, Photochemistry and Photophysics of Organic, Inorganic & Hybrid Materials, together with some related practical classes.

The Soft-skills training this year will be about scientific writing: “Becoming a Scientific writer: Putting Why? before How?”

Finally, the 2nd Industry day will be organized by COVESTRO and Leitat with very interesting lectures about project managmement, Value proposition design and preparation of EU Proposals.

We hope you enjoy this event!!!

Ci vediamo presto!!

European Researchers’ Night

European Researchers’ Night

Pedro Ferreira and Chiara Mirabella, ICIQ ESRs, participated in the European Researchers’ Night in Barcelona.WHO IS WHO IN EUROPEAN SCIENCE? was a shared event with other ITN projects based in Tarragon and Barcelona (SINGEK, OPATHY, CHROMDESIGN, VIRO-FLOW, MIXITIN and ELCOREL).

They had the chance to explain their projects with general public and share their passion for European Science with the ESRs of the other ITN projects participating on the event.

Daniel Sánchez-Resa, ISOF-CNR ESR, also participated to the researchers’ Night in Bologna. He and his supervisor Dr. Barbara Ventura showed some of the experiments prepared for the NOAH LAB. Simulated-Drug delivery with alginate capsules and food colorants!

Imatge      Imatge


Within the 1st NOAH school we are celebrating the Supramolecular Chemistry Day. The scientific program will include as lecturers  Prof. Jonathan Nitschke (University of Cambridge),  Prof. Michael Schmittel (Universität Siegen) and Dr. Alessandro Aliprandi (Université de Strasbourg). Prof. Jennifer M. Heemstra (Emory University), speaker invited by the ICIQ seminar programme sponsored by BASF will also deliver a talk within this day.

Moreover, our researchers will also present the latest results of the NOAH project. This will help on NOAH research dissemination to scientists outside the Consortium.

We expect the participation of young researchers working on the field of functional nanocontainers from quite different perspectives presenting their research in the poster session. The young scientists participating in this day will be exposed to this field of research from a multidisciplinary and broad perspective. It represents a perfect venue to propagate excellent research and serves to educate and motivate the next generation of young researchers.

We hope you can join us!

Registration is free and limited. Participants presenting a poster will have priority.

Deadline April 26th 2019



1st NOAH SCHOOL is coming…

Our first school will be held in Tarragona on May 2019. It will be a week full of training activities: Supramolecular X-ray Crystallography (including practical sessions), Core Communication Skills, and Supramolecular Chemistry lectures delivered by Prof. Jonathan Nitschke (University of Cambridge), Prof. Michael Schmittel (Universität Siegen) and Dr. Alessandro Aliprandi (Université de Strasbourg).