COVESTRO – Dr. Stefanie Eiden

Short Biography

Dr. habil. Stefanie Eiden graduate in chemistry at the University of Hannover and received her diploma in 1990. Then she moved to the University of Konstanz and received his PhD in 1994 in the field of solid state chemistry on the theme of "heavy metal-containing sodalite compounds: synthesis, characterization and studies on the electronic and geometric structure." From 1997 to 1999 she worked on biomimetic synthesis of apatite to determine the influence of the organic matrix on crystal growth. After changing to the Chair of Prof. Maret (University of Konstanz, Department of Physics), she focused her research on the synthesis and characterization of polystyrene, silica, mesoporous silica and titania colloids and the influence of polymers on the formation mechanism of these inorganic colloidal particles . In 2004 she qualified as a professor in the field of inorganic chemistry with the theme of "tailored colloidal particles as building blocks for photonic crystals." She is a leading expert in this field.  She has been a supervisor of a series of bachelor and master students and also of 2 Marie Curie PhD students in “Contact” and “Nanotoes”. She wrote more than 80 publications or patents.

Research interests

Since October 2005, she has worked at Bayer/Covestro as project manager and senior expert in the field of material science and colloidal chemistry.