Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1) I did the M.Sc. studies in an English speaking based country. Do I still need to provide English language Certificate?

A1) Yes, you do. English language certificate is not necessary only for candidates that at least have carried out their main studies (B.Sc.)  in an institution based in an English speaking country.


Q2) Can I upload  recommendation letters instead of providing referee contacts?

A2) No. Referee contacts are mandatory. Note that referee’s will be contacted just for short-listed candidates.


Q3) Do I need to apply two times for the same position, through NOAH website and through hosting institution website?

A3) Only candidates applying through website will be considered. For some positions, hosting institutions encourage candidates, however, to also upload the required documents to the hosting institution website.


Q4) What is expected for the “personal statement video (maximum two minutes)” section?

A4) Although it is not mandatory, we encourage candidates to upload a short personal statement video introducing themselves and their motivations to apply for the position.


Q5) Who will legally employ me?

A5) The hosting institution where each individual position is based will be the responsible of employing each ESR for the whole recruitment periode (even during secondment periods). Appointment will be under full-time employment contract for a period of 36 months for all the positions.


Q6) What countries are considered English Speaking Countries in NOAH?

A6) We consider English Speaking countries, countries where English is a de facto official language or the main native language (i.e. Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland United States, New Zealand and Australia). Only candidates having a degree (at least B.Sc.) awarded by an institution based in one of these countries are not required to upload a language certificate.