COVESTRO – Dr Chistoph Irle

Short Biography

Dr. Christoph Irle holds a PhD degree in polymer chemistry from University of Siegen, Germany. He has been in charge of various positions in product- and application development of polyurethane raw materials in Bayer/ Covestro in Germany, Spain and China. Currently he is heading the product development group of crosslinkers/ polyisocyanates in Covestro´s CAS (Coatings, Adhesives, Specialties) business unit.

Research interest

Covestro’s Business Unit Coatings and Specialties product development, which is involved in this project and represented by Christoph Irle,  is specialized in tailoring polymers and oligomers based on polyurethane beackbone.  Covestro´s interests are connected to the commercial products, which include nano- and/ or micro scale dispersions used as resins or crosslinkers in reactive PU systems.